The following are a selection of projects cloudIMPACT has completed.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how we can assist you with your projects.

Working through a 3rd party, cloudIMPACT™ was engaged to provide subject matter expertise for a large insurance services organization that services state governments through management and support of a multitude of policies, contracts and custom policies even within the same agencies.

cloudIMPACT™ provided a senior resource to assist a client in redesigning their entire application and architecture frameworks. Working with C-Level and area managers, our resource was able to design and implement several critical pieces of the ERP while also working with client resources through vendor training, implementation, configuration discussions and support.

Our client needed to support their business during COVID-19 restrictions.  cloudIMPACT™ provided multiple services to streamline their processes, redesign their architecture, select a solution for remote patient visits, develop training, marketing and rollout plans.

Complex Enterprise Architectures are one of our specialties.  We worked with this large healthcare provider to re-engineer their entire enterprise.  This included documenting their current architecture, applications, processes and data.

Our team assisted a client in identifying the need for utilizing an Enterprise Master Patient/Provider Index as well as develop the Enterprise Architecture for integrating the solution into their product portfolio.


The client developed custom data ingestion to support X12, HL7, and custom data feeds from their clients.  The EMPI provides the ability to identify patients and providers across multiple data sources enhancing data quality and improving the overall ability of the client to deliver world class performance for their clients.

Providing a review of a client's product portfolio and assisting them with mapping out their planning is the focus in this case study.  Our team did a comprehensive review of industry, competitive, regulatory and client needs.  We then developed a detailed product features recommendation based on the information we gathered.


Once this was accepted by the client, we then built out a detailed Enterprise Architecture in support of the recommendation.  Further we provided a comprehensive multi-year road map with release schedules, feature releases and overall resource planning.

Developing a cloud architecture, plan and migration strategy is not something you can assume your resources are skilled at.  The complexity of determining if legacy applications and architectures are translatable to a cloud platform are many.


cloudIMPACT™ assisted our client in reviewing and developing plans for migrating their product suite and data to the cloud.  This case study provides a high level overview of some of the areas we assisted in for this multi-year project.

We showcase our engineering capabilities in this brief overview of a project where we developed a chip level design for a medical devices company.  Leveraging PSoC (Programmable System on Chip) technology to supply a multi-tiered solution that contains system level security and encryption made this the ideal solution for the client's requirements.

In this case study we discuss the complexities of managing a complex data project with remote resources, Agile approach, subject matter expertise of our resource and overall approach of leveraging Agile to meet the project deliverables, budget and time line.

Operational, clinical, business and technical audits can be some of the more complex undertakings for an organization trying to remain compliant with internal and external requirements.


cloudIMPACT has conducted audits for a host of different clients from pharmacy to technology, we can assist you in validating your operations, etc.

With a growing number of acquisitions, this client needed a company with expertise in defining how clinical, business operations and data flows through their organization.  cloudIMPACT provided the knowledge needed to interview key business leaders to diagram their business and clinical flows while also leveraging our knowledge in healthcare and data to define what was needed to support their need for business intelligence tools.

This state government agency needed to replace their legacy enterprise systems in order to meet their growing population and expanding business.  cloudIMPACT provided resources to assist with the identification, documentation and analysis of their current business processes.  Extensive and complex automated and manual processes were diagrammed and analyzed to assist the client in developing an RFP for a third party solution.

Accurate analytics and reporting were key to the success of this organizations various lines of business.  cloudIMPACT was tasked with analyzing their current business intelligence capabilities and to define solutions (analytics applications, architectures, etc.) which would improve their current capabilities.

Expertise on the various healthcare data formats is critical for accurately utilizing the information throughout your organization.  cloudIMPACT was tasked with providing subject matter expertise and to guide the client on proper ingestion and use of the data.

This project involved defining, researching and validating a machine learning solution for the client.  Working with their internal data scientist and third party solution providers, cloudIMPACT performed end to end analysis and verification that the solution would meet the client's needs.

An end to end architecture, data, and solution replacement project which leveraged cloudIMPACT's multi-disciplinary expertise across several business and product lines.  A large specialty pharmacy was struggling with exponential growth and their in-house solutions were not able to scale.

cloudIMPACT provided the complete solution stack for this project.  All aspects of the project were managed by our resources which included application and data architectures, UI/UX development, product management, release management, and third party integration.

Overview of how cloudIMPACT can develop a complete end to end RFP Management process as well as create all RFP artifacts, if needed, to ensure you are getting the most out of your vendors.

Medication Management can be a complex process with many layers.  Understanding what the different aspects are and how to properly define them is key to ensuring you are following regulatory and compliance guidelines.  In this case study we discuss how we assisted a client in defining their Medication Management solution and helped build an RFI.

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