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Some of the Companies Our Resources Have Served


I would like to introduce you to cloudIMPACT - our company has extensive experience in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and the following pages provide an overview of how we can help you.

Our team of industry professionals has spent most of their careers working in the  Healthcare and/or Life Sciences industries.  Their knowledge of product management, enterprise architecture, operations, data and integration allow them to provide you with the highest quality of services focused on efficient and integrated healthcare.


Over the past decade, cloudIMPACT has worked with healthcare providers, payers, systems and service companies to integrate data (patient, physician, claims, referrals, etc.), reduce infrastructure complexity and create environments which are manageable and scalable as they grow and expand their offerings.


Our team has hands-on, real world experience dealing with the complexities that often arise when healthcare systems merge or form partnerships, specifically when environments need to be integrated. We have worked on large data consolidation, translation and transformation projects which not only allow for a single view of a patient across disperse and different EHRs, but have also been able to maintain uniqueness, where needed, between environments.


Continued consolidation, acquisitions, partnerships, regulatory and compliance changes will drive every organization to rethink their business and supporting technology roadmaps.  cloudIMPACT has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that you are getting the most out of your existing assets as well as those you plan to implement in the future.


Enrico DePaolis

 Founder cloudIMPACT


cloudIMPACT, LLC announces a new division called agileRx GroupTM  This new group is staffed with our most experienced senior healthcare consultants that cover the areas of application optimization, healthcare enterprise architecture, healthcare data architecture and healthcare master data management.


This team of experts has significant experience in the areas of EHR/EMR, Specialty Pharmacy, Radiology, Oncology as well as optimization of healthcare analytics which includes Big Data, advanced analytics for patients and physicians, as well as management consulting for optimizing revenues through business and practice analysis.

Healthcare Architecture

Application Rationalization

Mobile Healthcare

Our engineers are skilled in enterprise architecture designs for healthcare, life sciences, clinical and high availability environments.

Simplifying the number of applications that your organization uses and supports is key to reducing costs and increasing your agility.

Are you looking to provide your services to patients via mobile devices?  We can help you define your mobile strategy as well as BYOD for your organization.

Some of Our Experience

Projects our resources have recently participated in




EHR, EMR, Data Driven Strategy

Worked with senior leadership and various hospital systems to develop and implement a complete redesign of how the system handled and processed data.  Included managing upgrades to their EHR as well as integrating EMRs across all of their physician sites.

Enterprise Architecture and Pharmacy Management System

Provided a host of enterprise level services and architecture designs to re-engineer a large division of a multi-billion healthcare provider.  This multi-year project included implementing EMPI, ESB and enterprise integration for internal and external partners.

Practice Analytics and Claims Analysis

Uncovered approximately $80 million in bottom line revenue gains by creating a case-centric view for clinical, financial & operational information that supported consistent measurement and management.


Our Process

Proven to work

Delivers results

Our success is measured by your success and satisfaction.  We have developed an approach for healthcare project management which allows for all resources to collaborate in an efficient and cohesive manner.  This keeps your team engaged and on task.

The proof is in the results that cloudIMPACT delivers.  Over the past several years our resources have worked with the nation's largest healthcare organizations and service providers to enhance, expand and manage their operations, infrastructure and data.  We can do this for you too!  Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

Business Services

cloudIMPACT knowledge transfer to your team






We offer a host of project and product management services which compliment your own internal resources.  We utilize the 2 in the Box methodology where team members work alongside your staff to provide not only expertise but the knowledge transfer needed for your staff to manage and maintain the programs they are implementing.


Ask to see our presentation on how we work side by side with your teams to deliver successfully on programs which are mission critical and impact your bottom line without forcing a dependency on outside vendors.








Gather an inventory of the data your organization currently has and determine how to leverage it to improve insights.

Having a team that understands healthcare data and how to apply it to your specific needs is key to improving your business.



Understand that your business isn't just the services you provide directly to your patients.  You have an opportunity to leverage data in ways you may have not realized.

Leverage your healthcare data to expand your insights into patients, physicians, processes, claims data, and beyond.

Business Insights

Your data is your biggest asset

Knowing what data you have and what data you need is key to understanding business insights that can change your bottom line.  cloudIMPACT provides the expertise to uncover your data's potential.


Success is never an accident; it is always

the result of intelligent effort.


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